Blogging helps get the word out about your business and how you can help your customers. What service/product are you selling? Do you have a photography business? Share some tips on how you can strike the perfect pose on your photoshoot! A wedding planner? Talk about the different things you’ll need to remember when planning wedding? How about real estate? Connect with your buyers by blogging about how beneficial it is to invest in property! Blogging can be done for any business!


Blog posts

Blog posts are our most popular product. Need articles for your business but can’t find the time to write them yourself? We’ve got you covered! Tell our copywriter what you need and we’ll get to it! A short blog post is about 400 words, as standard post is 600 words while a long post is 1,000 words. Need lengthier posts? Just let us know!



You might ask what’s the difference between a blog post and an article. Aren’t they the same? Not exactly! A blog aims to connect with your audience in a more casual manner and thus, writing a blog is more casual in nature. An article aims to imitate literature and write in a more journalistic style while the goal of a blog is to get information across using shorter language and terminologies. A short article starts at 500 words, then a standard article is 800 words, and an extended article is 1,300 words.


Web Page

When you’re client visits your webpage, you gotta provide interesting ways to describe what it is you’re selling! And it’s pretty hard to sell if your web page isn’t well written. A web page ranges from 400-600 words. Our copywriter can include the keywords you’d like to integrate and make it flow in natural writing to help increase your search ranking in search engines.


Product Description

Need an enticing product description for your shop? A product description is your beautiful photo put into words, written to make your audience buy your stuff!

Why do you need a product description?

A good product description is crucial to attract your client’s attention. You have seconds to capture their interest and a good product description is a great way to keep them on your site and exploring what you have to sell.

Still hesitating? Check out some before and after product descriptions our copywriters have done and let us know which one you’re more likely to read! (One product description is below the photo)

—- Better Product Description —-

” Keep all your important cards and ids in one place! This adorable iPhone case comes with a handy pocket so you won’t have to open your wallet everytime you need an ID or credit card! “

—- Better Product Description —-

” Make your phone stand out with this perfect mix of strawberries and milk! It’s cute design will make it the envy of your friends! “

—- Better Product Description —-

” Black or white? Enjoy your morning coffee with these delightful mugs that come in black or white! As a bonus, it comes with its own matching spoon “

—- Better Product Description —-

” Need something to keep your coffee hot while on the go? Make your thermal flask stand out with these kawaii neko design! Not only will it keep your drinks hot but your bottle can look cute too! “

—- Better Product Description —-

” Doesn’t this sweater just give you Card Captor Sakura vibes! Stay warm and cozy with this fashionable pullover and pair it with your favorite jeans! You do you girl! “

Digital Marketing Analysis

Basic Package –

Why do you need a Digital Marketing Analysis?

Everyone is online and as a business owner, you need to be able to reach your audience where they’re at. At some point, perhaps you have tried it but aren’t getting results. Whether it’s boosting Facebook ads, Instagram marketing or considering Google Adwords, it can be frustrating when digital marketing efforts don’t come into fruition and you feel like you are wasting money on ads but not converting to sales.

Basic Analysis  $160 of 1 day

  • We will do a market study on the digital marketing campaigns of 4 competitor companies (max) and see what digital marketing strategies are they using and what works for them.
  • Then an analysis of your company and what you are doing right or wrong. We will give a detailed report on strategies you can implement to improve sales, visitors, and increase revenue to your business.

Intensive Analysis $320

Google Ads Packages

Google Adwords Set up to $100 only

How it works? please check our blog here

Ala Carte Services

Consultation and Analysis $250

Applies to the ff cases:

  1. You have a Google Ads account but it is not delivering and you need help or want to improve it.
  2. You are new to Google Ads and looking to explore.


  • Your Google Ads account will be audited by a certified Google Adwords Digital Marketer. They will explain which areas need improvement and strategies to implement.
  • If you do not have an Adwords account, our marketer will do a study on your business and help you get started.

Existing Account

  • Will perform an analysis and provide insight about current account performance.
  • Prescribe actions that will boost your account.

No Account

  • Advise what strategies should be used when starting your account.
  • Approximate cost and website traffic to expect when starting your account

Monthly Account Monitoring

To get the best results, you should have someone monitoring your account and managing it each month. Each month our marketer will optimize your ad performance with an email to update you on how your ads are doing. Rates can be weekly or monthly.

Includes the ff:

  • Pausing poor performing ads
  • Bid management
  • Increase negative keywords as necessary
  • Account performance report

Google Ads to Bing/Yahoo Ads $150

Bing and Yahoo users are only half as much as the people on Google but it is still a widely used search engine and can save you up to 30% in ads money.

For $150, our digital marketer will convert your Google Ads into Bing and Yahoo ads which will help expand your reach.