Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Besides a good SEO strategy, investing in paid ads is a sure fire way to get in different areas of search engine results. You won’t show up in just search results but in banner ads, pop-ups, video ads and more! Marketing has changed since your childhood jingle ads you heard on radios and TV.

It’s time to adapt to paid search engine marketing and be where your people are!

Why is paid advertising important?

If you’re looking to give your online presence the push it needs to be seen more, then SEM is the way to go. Done properly, paying online real estate for ads will generate the right clients you need. This can increase your data base of clients and with so many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) there are so many ways to reach your market niche.

How do we run ads?

It’s not a secret no one likes ads. Most of the time, they’re spammy and annoying. But we create ads tailor fit to your audience that are fun, enjoyable and interactive. Interesting ads are like those youtube commercials you actually want to keep watching and we’ll make it so your product is something they’ll want to look at and go to your website.

What we’ll be happy to do for you:

PPC (AdWords ads)

Social ads


Video advertising (YouTube)



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