Search Engine Optimization

Wanna see your website skyrocket across search engines?

It’s not enough to have a great and beautiful website these days. Your website needs to rank on the first page of Google when clients type in a keyword to your business. For example, if Bob the buyer looks up “affordable quality shirts” and you are a business that sells shirts, you’d want to show up as one of the top options, not on page 8 where it’s unlikely Bob will see you.

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in the digital experience for online businesses and with search engines constantly changing their algorithms, you need to keep up to date all the time in order to be seen by your market

Why do you need SEO help?

Organic traffic is still one of the best sources of clients. Paid advertising works as well but if you can get this reach organically and free, it will save your company money plus it also improves the performance of your paid ads. Customers rarely go beyond the 1st-2nd page so having an SEO-optimized website will help you rank higher than your competition putting you in front of customers who will interact with your business better. Our SEO services will help raise brand awareness to improve online visibility.

What we can do for you?

SEO Website Audit

We’ll create a report on your website to check how it’s SEO is performing, what keywords your clients look for on Google, check any SEO errors and how we can fix them, what SEO steps to take to improve your current performance, create a task list on what steps to take to fix SEO, study how your competitors are doing and suggest the best course of action to get your SEO up and running.

Keyword Research

Create a list of keywords related to your brand, how often they are used, and how we will integrate them in your website to improve search results.

On-Page Optimization

We will fix all internal errors in the website, optimize across all devices, create the write meta tags, internal links, best URLs, blogs, infographics, and add all the necessary codes that will maximize performance in the eyes of search engine bots to improve search rankings.

Off-Page Optimization

Also known as link building, off-page optimization is one of the most important steps to improve rankings. We will create external links from websites with good traffic that will lead to your websites (forums, bloggers, business catalogues, etc). Referrals from these sources show that your website is one of the best in the industry.

SEO Content Creation

Each business is different. Do you need blogs? Graphics? Photos? We’ll create SEO friendly content tailored just for you that will not just boost your ranking but will genuinely want your target market to engage with the website.

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