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Having a business without a website is like having a shop without a door.
In this modern day and age, customers expect information immediately. If they can’t get it from you, they’ll go to a competitor’s website. This leads to loss of potential clients and revenue. Something I’m sure you’d like to avoid.

Without a website, your business is close to invisible. If a customer can’t see you, they can’t buy from you.

But having a poor quality website is almost as bad as having no website. If your site isn’t user friendly, takes too long to load and is difficult to navigate, your visitors will leave. The first 3 seconds are crucial before they go back to Google and just look for another website.

Having an excellent website is a cornerstone to business growth. Some of the benefits of an excellent website include:

  • Cost-effective advertising
  • Customer convenience with access to 24/7 information
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get information about your buyers based on how much time they spend (and whereabouts they spend it) when they visit your website
  • Great for easy 2 way-communication between potential clients and your sales team
  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors

At Advertising Digital Solutions, we have a team of professional web designers and developers who are able to create an amazing website for your business.

Whether your needs are purely for branding, product information, data collection or full-blown e-commerce, we can help you at extremely competitive prices.

Virtual Assistants

Your Key to Productivity

One of the traps that many small and medium sized business owners fall into is trying to do everything themselves. It is understandable – after all, no-one can do it as well as you can, right? And it is hard to justify bringing in a new employee because of the cost.
When you work 80+ hours per week, your schedule is quite hectic. You deal with what is urgent instead of focusing on what’s important. You focus on tasks that need your immediate attention. There is a distinct difference between these two. If you can’t take care of what’s important, eventually, these important tasks become urgent. And you get swamped with so much work that need to be done at once but you’re only one person. To be able to do all these, you’ll have to spend even more hours working and stretching yourself too thin. All too often these situations impact both productivity and profitability.

The main benefit of taking care of the important things first is that very quickly, the urgent things start to disappear. You are spending less time running around putting out fires (urgent) because you have identified and dealt with what is causing the fires in the first place (important). This is where a virtual assistant (VA) can help you. It’s becoming common to hire someone who works for you from a remote location, taking care of the important tasks that could easily be done more efficiently by them than you, leaving you free to focus on the high-level work that you do best. A good VA can handle things like responding to emails, organising your schedule, social media management and handling your accounting.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a VA now:

  • VA’s Save You Money

    You need help, but you’re not ready to bring on someone full time. The flexibility that a VA brings to your business can solve this headache – you work out what you can afford to pay, and we provide a professional VA who can work within that budget. You’re not paying for annual leave and other on-costs, and you’re not locked into a long-term contract. Because they already have their own office, you’re not paying for another computer, desk, chair, and space.

  • VA’s Can Take On Multiple Roles

    Do you need someone to do data entry? Create forms or brochures or even smarten up your web site? Do you need a personal assistant to manage both work and your personal tasks? Whatever you need, we have a VA that can help.

  • VA’s Can Help You Better Connect With Your Customers

    Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Responding to customer communication and your social media presence is critical to the relationship. If a customer is contacting you by email or posting on your social media, you need to respond immediately – not when you get around to it 2 or 3 days later. Having a VA dedicated to just these activities can have a big positive impact on your business.

  • VA’s Bring New Skill Sets to Your Business

    Whatever area you need help with, we have a VA with that skill set. It is rare that you can find a single person that can do everything your business needs. Now you don’t have to. We can provide cover across multiple disciplines.

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Justin & the team at ADS offer an amazing product with exceptional customer service. They are always working towards client satisfaction and realize the importance of keeping their finger on the pulse and meet demand. I have used ADS for a few different projects and have been happy every time. In particular, my Google AdWords advanced package has given our business great results and a noticeable increase in client leads. Dyana’s weekly monitoring makes sure we keep on top of our budget and makes for a successful campaign. I would highly recommend the team at ADS.

- Amity A.,

Services: Google Ads Package


Just had my resume done very quick and prompt and it looks amazing would recommend them to anyone

- Mark S.,

Services: Resume Design


We contacted Advertising Digital Solutions to upgrade our website as it was really outdated. We are so pleased with the final product!!! highly recommend!

- Tenielle M.,

Services: Website Development


The digital solutions team just did my very impressed. the service was fast as was their response and now my cv looks 100% professional. also, there are several options for the layout, you can choose from and the price is very reasonable.

If you’re looking to get a professional new look resume, don’t hesitate to contact digital solutions.
Thanks to the team for the great new resume.

- G Mack,

Services: Resume Design


These guys are top class no hassle on time and great job with resume

- Robin R,

Services: Resume Design


I recently used the services of Advertising Digital Solutions to create both a Business Logo and Company Web page. The knowledge of the team working for Advertising Digital Solutions made the whole process a stress free and time effective. I would recommend their services in the creation of Websites and Logo based type work. Please feel free to visit my website @ to view the finished product.

- Gareth M.,

Services: Website Development & Graphic Design
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